Author: Big4 Beacon Resort Queenscliff Team.beacon

Creating packages for your business is an excellent way to build a competitive edge, rewarding previous clients or guests, gaining higher yield, fill unoccupied room nights and building relationships with other businesses.

Our top 10 tips for packaging are:

1. Analyse your database occupancy month by month

2. Identify unsold stock, saleable inventory or unoccupied nights

3. Identify your target markets. Evaluate their average length of stay for accommodation or for attractions, the average number of sales or people through the door.

4. Identify some attractive add-ons within your own business to suit the target market, eg. Extended time or late checkouts

5. Network with your local business operators for elements that could complement your offering.

6. A package does not always have to be a discounted product. Think of it as an offer of convenience for your client or guest by combining several elements into one.

7. Set pricing correctly to ensure you are not discounting below your bottom line

8. If working with a group of businesses, confirm who is the primary seller of the package and what relevant commission rates are payable (if any).

9. Create cheat sheets that allow your sales staff to effectively sell the package. Include name of package as advertised and terms and conditions. Your staff must have a firm understanding of the offering to sell it effectively (for example, staff famils are a great educational tool).

10. Ensure the product is delivered exactly as sold.