How is your marketing going? Are you clear on your objectives? Have a clear plan or are you just flat out busy and just don’t have time for that?

The thing is as soon as you get used to one thing – bam a new tool, system, feature ‘thing’ presents itself!!

Take social media for example. First, we had to share more photos. Then video is all the rage. Then they go and introduce live broadcasting and stories, and self-driving cars!

What I wanted to share with you is a simple three step solution to get you started. I call it my PPC method! Now for you advanced digital maestros, you would know PPC to stand for Pay Per Click Advertising traditionally. It’s ok I’m not messing online advertising lingo on purpose, it just so happens my steps also start with PPC. And who doesn’t love an acronym? Let’s dig in!

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Despina Karatzias is the brains and beauty behind the Institute of Excellence. She helps businesses dominate in their industry by teaching business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs alike how to grow their online presence and turn those likes into LOVE and actionable business outcomes.