Earlier in the week Business Events Geelong welcomed Nicole Bates from Conversion Management, at the first industry development session relating to business events.
The training focused on the sales cycle and how to convert business. If you missed out don’t worry, we asked Nicole to give us her top 3 steps on how to improve your sales approach and here is what she came up with.

1. Be a Resource

“Be a resource, not a sales pitch”. Our industry (in business events) offers a range of products and services, what we all have in common is that we sell an experience.
This is a crucial element to the sales process, sell the experience, speak from experience, use examples, and paint a picture for your client to visualise. After all, they need to sell your product to their manager, director, CFO and more importantly, their guests.

2. Solve a Problem

With every inbound enquiry, you have a clear opportunity to convert a piece of business.
Your client currently has a problem and you need to be the solution.
The problem may be that they need a venue or catering for an upcoming conference, they require a gala dinner location, they need to arrange a partner experience or they need to offer tours of the region before or after their event.
Whatever the call, your business is offering a solution, it’s your role to be that solution.

3. Share a Conversation

Sales can be a scary concept for some. Picking up the phone to make an outbound sales call can be a daunting task. However, what if you changed your approach?
Part of the sales cycle is to gain as much information from your client prior to sending your proposal.
How do you do this? By having a conversation as you would in your everyday life.
Use questioning techniques by asking open and leading questions. Rather than asking “is your event a conference” (requiring a simple yes or no answer), try “tell me about the event you are planning”.
Using open and leading questions, you allow your client to do the talking. In this format, your client will generally open up and provide you with much more detail then you would receive when asking closed questions (yes or no answers) or by ticking a box on a form.

Wrap up

Whilst the sales cycle is much more in-depth than these three steps; implementing some small changes to your current sales style could dramatically increase your conversion rate.
Just remember be the resource, sell your experience, solve their problem and have a conversation.
There is true value to being a solution.

For further hospitality, meetings & events training, contact Nicole from Conversion Management