Anyone optimistic enough to start a small business is likely to focus on achieving their goals, driving a successful operation and won’t spend too much time thinking about the things that could go wrong (like finding yourself inside the jaws of a shark).

But someone needs to think about those potentials that can – through no fault of their own – strike even the best and most positive businesses.

Here are our top five reasons any tourism business should consider using an insurance broker:

1. Let them do the worrying: You’re in tourism and in business for the upside – delivering experiences you’re passionate about to people who’ll rate you highly on TripAdvisor! An insurance broker can look at your operation from a risk-analysis perspective, considering all the things that might interrupt your business to make sure you’re protected and that an unfortunate event doesn’t bring the dream to a premature end.

2. They’re the expert: Risk is their thing, and not in the jumping-out-of-an-aeroplane sense. They’ll look at your business to understand your risks, finding things you wouldn’t have even known to look for.

3. It’s Common $ense: They’re not beholden to one particular insurer – they’ll weigh up your unique circumstances and the deals from providers and find the perfect match. It may not be the cheapest option initially, but cheap can be particularly nasty in the insurance world.

4. At your service: It’s when things go wrong you’ll know you were right to use a broker because they’ll be on your side, working with your insurer to get a good outcome and get your business back in business as soon as possible.

5. They’re evolving. They’ll keep up to date with new insurance product, legislation and rule changes so you don’t have to. If something changes that will affect your policy, or if there’s a better option, they’ll be all over it so you can get on with the business of tourism.

Want an expert to review and find a better deal for your business insurance? Talk to our friends at Roderick Insurance Brokers – they’re the best, they’re local and they’re a huge supporter of tourism.