Bendigo Bank knows what makes a business successful.

It’s you.

Long days, long nights. You never stop thinking about how you can make it better.

And neither does the Bendigo Bank. We are right beside you – continually striving to stay at the forefront of business products, services and financial technology. That means we can help you in:

1. Managing cashflow
To ensure that your day-to-day business dealings provide you with the professional image you need, we offer a competitive range of transaction and savings accounts specifically designed to help you access your money and take care of business and ensure your visitors have a smooth transaction experience.

2. Protecting your assets
We offer a comprehensive range of commercial insurance solutions across business, farm and trade activities. We can provide a range of online solutions or provide access to our team of qualified brokers.

3. Getting finance
Big, small, established or new, if you need finance then they have a range of business and commercial loans to suit your unique needs. Whether that’s accommodation refurbishment or a bigger tour bus, we can help.

4. Wealth
It’s not only about looking after yourself, it about finding flexible superannuation solutions that will benefit you as well as your staff. You need a low-cost super fund that focuses on strong returns whilst keeping fees low (so you can spend time on the other end of tourism when you retire and go on plenty of holidays!).

It’s important to note that at whatever life stage your business is in, whether you’re starting a business, buying a business or growing your business, the Bendigo Bank have specialists who can work with you to find the right solutions to get you started.

With over 1.5 million customers nationwide, and with those customers being the most satisfied of any Australian bank 1, it’s easy to trust that your business is in good hands.

Not only do we promise personalised service and competitive products, we are also committed to supporting our local communities with over $6 million given back into the wider Geelong region. Visit Bendigo Bank to find out more or contact one of our many local branches – in many cases, the only bank in town.




Mel Pearce is the Regional Manager for Geelong City with Bendigo Bank.



1 Roy Morgan Research, Consumer Banking Satisfaction Report, 6 months to June 2017 (excludes Foreign & Mutual Banks)