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Getting the opportunity to showcase your property first hand to a conference planner is becoming fiercely more competitive. So when the opportunity comes knocking make sure you’re prepared to put your best feet forward.

  1. Research, research, research…Take the time to understand your clients business, past events and look at their website.
  2. Brief the staff…Check the rooms and switch the lights on.
  3. Don’t keep them waiting…Be ready to greet them in reception prior to their expected arrival.
  4. Don’t rush it…Check how long you have with them and clear more time then necessary in your diary.
  5. Know your stuff…Capacities and capabilities inside and out. Use visuals to assist in helping your client better understand how their conference will work.
  6. Positives not negatives… Reinforce your unique selling points and ask questions.
  7. Don’t leave without it…Confirm they have all the information they need, exchange business cards and accompany them out of your venue.

Remember every client is different what worked for one may not work for another, but if you following these simple tips and think like the client you’re sure to be miles ahead of the competition. 

Mark Day – Convention Bureau Manager, Business Events Geelong