A List of Businesses that MUST check patrons are not from Melbourne Metro area:

  • Accommodation facilities, where it is operated for the purpose of tourism (the requirement currently applies to a person who owns, controls or operates the facility as per the existing residence check requirement, although consideration should be given at drafting to ensure this also captures any business that manages the bookings for the facility).
  • Food and drink facilities, a café, restaurant, fast-food store, cafeteria, canteen and winery) in relation to the facility providing seated service to a customer (a residence check is not required for takeaway orders as individuals from the Restricted Area for permitted reasons such as work can order takeaway consistent with the restrictions in place in the Restricted Area.
  • Restricted retail facilities, hairdressers, and beauty and personal care facilities.
  • Licensed tourism operators that organise and operating licensed tourism services.
  • Entertainment facilities as listed in the relevant entertainment facility clause
  • Physical recreation facilities, except where those facilities are unstaffed
  • Real estate inspections

Which means supermarkets, hardware stores etc will not be required to do this.

Here is a handy tool that can help you identify what postcodes you can accept…