This week, the team at BIG4 Beacon Resort celebrated Lisa Shapter’s silver anniversary, congratulating her on an incredible 25 years of employment.

Lisa’s remarkable forward vision and her commitment and loyalty to the holiday park have seen her grow from a Receptionist looking for some part-time work while her children were young to the award-winning General Manager she is today.

Lisa’s proactive leadership and outstanding team management skills coupled with her passion for creating memorable guest experiences time and time again have been instrumental in BIG4 Beacon Resort’s success over the last two and a half decades. She has grown to be an invaluable asset to BIG4 Beacon Resort, tourism on the Bellarine Peninsula and the greater tourism industry. An innovative marketer with an analytical mind, Lisa specializes in packaging and rate management. Over the last 25 years, she has become extremely highly regarded by both her team and her industry peers who both regularly seek her advice, insights and opinions, which she has always willingly shared.

Lorraine Golightly, BIG4 Beacon Resort’s Owner-Operator, says

Lisa is “part of the family” and is enormously grateful for both a wonderful friend and a colleague. She says “Lisa has been an integral part of Beacon for half of its life, which is an incredible achievement in an industry with a 3 year average length of employment. Beacon would not be where it is today without Lisa’s dedication and attention to detail.”

For Further Information contact:
Emme Malone
Operations & Marketing Manager
+61 3 5258 1133