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Greater than brand hub


A diverse region with loads of distinct areas, Geelong and The Bellarine is Greater Than > the sum of its parts.

This brand campaign heroes our destinations while highlighting the signature experiences on offer across the region with a tongue-in-cheek juxtaposition of imagery and words.

Key campaign highlights

Specific sub-region branding


Unified messaging

Slick imagery

Tailored content

Greater Than Campaign Assets

Each sub-region has a dedicated Brand Atlas, Narrative and suite of assets available for businesses to align their own marketing with the regional campaign.

What's included in the campaign assets
  • Brand Atlas – Distilled from the workshop insights, these documents are the perfect communication toolkit for each unique sub-region. With detailed explanations of our master brand and sub-regional brands, and lots of resources to help you with your marketing.
  • Brand Narratives – Guided by operator input and packed with detailed regional and sub-regional insights, these documents are the fullest articulation of who we are, how we communicate and what we stand for.
  • Image Library – A collection of imagery from our various photo shoots for use in your marketing communications. We’ll update them periodically, and feel free to use them wherever you like (no attribution needed).
  • Fonts & Logos – The nuts and bolts for really making your designs pop.
Woman skating along a boardwalk.