We’re so pleased to confirm that the short, sharp “circuit-breaker” lockdown will end on schedule at midnight tonight. It has been wonderful to see the community pull together once more, supporting one another and quickly adjusting to this latest set back.

We are mindful that this has been a challenging time for all of you and hope that the end of the lock down will reignite strong bookings and business.

Apart from a few changes, we will revert to the level of restrictions prior to Friday’s lockdown announcement. Here’s a couple of the key changes to note:

  • Face masks: Must be carried at all times. Mandatory when inside and outdoors when cannot maintain 1.5m physical distancing.
  • Accommodation: Bookings restricted to the private gathering limit. The person or household booking the accommodation can have up to 5 visitors.
  • Entertainment facilities: some changes to capacity limits, details here.
  • Visitors to the home: Up to 5 visitors a day.
  • Public gatherings: Up to 20 people

View a quick outline of industry specific requirements on our website here.

There is also a full list of updated restrictions here.

Please don’t forget the importance of record keeping. We highly recommend the use of the FREE Victorian Government QR code system, available here. Not only does this make tracing any outbreaks much more efficient, but venues without an electronic system must adhere to stricter capacity restrictions.