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VTIC Update: Clarification of density quotient for function facilities

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Covid-19, Latest News

      The following update on density quotients is shared from the Victoria Tourism Industry Council. 

      Following the reintroduction of density quotients for hospitality and entertainment venues last week, VTIC has sought advice from government in regards to density quotients and patron limits for function facilities.

      We can confirm that under the Pandemic (Open Premises) Order 2022 (No. 2) that came into effect at 11.59pm last Thursday 6 January, there are no density quotient requirements for function facilities. Patron limits of 30,000 indoors apply unless approved through the Public Event Framework and outdoor venues must publish a COVIDSafe Event Plan for events with more than 30,000 patrons.

      A function facility is defined under the order as a building, room or space that is used for the purpose of holding events, functions, conferences or receptions.

      Seated service only is strongly recommended and indoor dancefloors within hospitality and entertainment venues must close from 11.59pm on Wednesday 12 January, as announced by the Victorian government today. The wearing of facemasks indoors is mandatory, unless when consuming food or drink.

      There are no changes to the density settings that came into effect at 11.59pm last Thursday 6 January for specific hospitality venues such as restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs and specific entertainment venues such as arcades, casinos and gaming venues as outlined in our previous Business Update.

      Please note that in our previous Business Update amusement parks were included as venues subjected to a density quotient requirement. If you refer to the Pandemic (Open Premises) Order 2022 (No. 2), Schedule 1 on pages 19-21, you will note that amusement parks are listed as having no density quotients or patron limits. Also, please note that tours and premises used for tourism services are also not subjected to density quotient requirements or patron limits.

      For more information and to read the Open Premises Order, click here.

      This information is from the Victorian Tourism Industry Council’s business update, issued on Monday 10 January. 

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