The team at Business Events Victoria (BEV) is continuing to work alongside their industry partners to prepare a pathway for re-animation when the time is right.

Regional Victorian businesses are developing their COVIDSafe Plans and Practices, including safety strategies, floor plans and innovative solutions to bring your future events to life. Venues and suppliers recognise the challenges and constraints event planners face for events now and well into the future and are ready to partner with you on your journey forward with confidence.

To assist businesses, BEV has developed a “COVIDSafe Best Practice Principles for Business Events” resource, outlining public health considerations and strategies for venues, suppliers and event planners. The resource encourages both suppliers and event planners to address COVIDSafe priorities as a united front and work together to deliver innovative solutions and successful business events.

Click here to download The “COVIDSafe Best Practice Principles for Business Events”