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The hairstyle may have changed but one thing has been constant in the 24 years since Elizabeth Curtain started managing the Geelong Visitor Information Centres – her passion and love for the job.

Since she began we’ve had four offices, seven prime ministers and reinvented the whole organisation from Geelong Otway Tourism to Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine.

Elizabeth has been a constant, leading a merry band of volunteers that now number 130 across seven visitor information centres in Geelong and The Bellarine. Every day, there are 22 shifts on the rosters to be filled.

And that’s just the start. Elizabeth has coordinated innovations over the years including greeters for cruise ships, train passengers for special events and flights at Avalon Airport. She’s implemented seasonal information outlets and features at public and trade events.

She organises familiarisations and training for the volunteers to ensure our service is the absolute best it can be. She’s the go-to person for on-the-ground knowledge about what’s happening in the region and often a great source of advice for new businesses. She knows brochures and publications like the back of her hand.

Whilst our region and the Geelong and Bellarine tourism industry have been the chief beneficiaries of Elizabeth’s drive and passion, the wider Victorian tourism community is all the better for her influence. She’s long been recognised as a leader in visitor servicing, often mentoring, providing guidance and contributing to committees for the universal improvement of visitor information delivery across the state.

As her career draws to a close and she retires at the beginning of January, we wanted to say a big thanks to Elizabeth for her contributions to our team, our region and our tourism industry.