Monday 8 June 2021

Further Tourism Support

It was announced yesterday that a $32.2 million Regional Tourism Support Package will be available to tourism and accommodation operators, in order to help manage the impact of recent restrictions across our state.

This is in addition to the previous funding announcement of $460 million for business support.

We know that heading into the long weekend with uncertainty around state travel restrictions is extremely difficult. We also understand that the restrictions impact each business differently, so funding and grants are not always a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer.

We will continue to advocate for adequate and targeted support for businesses both large and small and more clarity on how restrictions will ease, as we all do our part to keep the community safe.

The Regional Tourism Support Package includes three announcements, the first two of which apply to businesses in our region:

  1. The Business Costs Assistance Program will be extended with a Tourism Supplement. Eligible tourism businesses – accommodation, attractions and tourism operators – who could previously apply for $2,500, can now receive up to $4,500 in additional support. This brings the available funding in line with the Licensed Hospitality Venues grants. Total funding of $11.8 million. Applications can be made here.
  2. A further 80,000 Regional Travel Vouchers valued at $200 (10,000 new vouchers and 70,000 un-claimed vouchers from previous rounds). The launch date and travel periods will be determined once restrictions have eased. Total funding of $16 million.
  3. A $4.4 million Alpine Support Program focused on businesses impacted by the delayed start to the ski season.

Click here to find out more about each of these packages.

If you’d like to chat to our team about how these restrictions have impacted your business, just shoot us an email or call on 03 5223 2588.