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90% of the 4.5 million visitors to the region in 2015 were here for fun.

Whether on a day trip (3.3 million) or staying a night or more (1.2 million) – the vast majority were here for leisure; to have a good time. Whether that ‘good time’ involved family activities, arts and culture or outdoor adventure – there’s a huge potential for your business to reach these millions of visitors.

Get found by more visitors

Our content marketing strategy focuses on the key attractors to the region and the themes we know our visitor groups are interested in. We have blog posts about education disguised as fun to showcase cultural attractions, galleries and museums. We create video content showing off the best experiences. And we’ll share stories in the lead up to each school holiday period highlighting the special programs and best ways to keep the kids entertained.

There are tactical ways to reach the visitor market through our channels too. If you have special events they can be featured on the What’s On section of our website, the second highest visited page on the entire site. You’ll be listed in local directories and can feature even more prominently in our publications and maps at key points on the visitor journey – en route, in accommodation properties and at key locations throughout the region.

You’ll also be profiled on the regional visitor website with a listing that’s integrated into state and national systems. Check out how member businesses look:

Learn how to grow your attraction – inside and out.

Members have access a suite of self and business development programs. Network with other tourism operators and find potential packaging options and new distribution partners. Learn better ways to harness your social channels. Or get practical advice on customer service. It’s all part of our professional development program – and it’s free for members.

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