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by | Jan 14, 2022

Role: Chairperson
Remuneration:Financial remuneration will be provided


Representing over 850 members, Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine Inc (TGGB) is the regional tourism organisation (RTO) spanning across the geographic area that includes, The City of Greater Geelong, The Borough of Queenscliffe and the southern area of the Golden Plains Shire.

Our vision is for Geelong and The Bellarine to be a world-class, inclusive destination that inspires visitors to create memories and depart with a desire to return. To achieve this, we will provide exceptional service to our visitors, members, industry and community so they have the knowledge, tools and capability to rebuild and enjoy a resilient visitor economy.

The Regional Tourism Organisation is a partnership between Local Government, State Government and the Tourism Industry. The basis of the partnership is that The City of Greater Geelong provides the resources to staff, accommodates and administers the regional tourism body and the State Government, other Local Governments and the Industry fund the development and delivery of the approved strategic and action plans.

Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine Inc is managed by a board of up to 12 delegates plus the Chairperson, and is supported by fourteen staff (see organisation chart) all of whom are employees of The City of Greater Geelong.


 The Board consists of:

  • Three Municipal Council appointed representatives from:
    • The City of Greater Geelong;
    • Golden Plains Shire; and
    • Borough of
  • Seven Member appointed delegates (all must be financial members of Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine):
    • Two Geelong representatives;
    • Two Bellarine representatives;
    • One skilled in Finance
    • One skilled in Marketing; and
    • One skilled in Business
  • Plus up to two independent individuals appointed by the Board (specialist skills) and an independent Chair (appointed by a subcommittee of the Board).



 TGGB operate under two funding streams:

–        Tourism Unit City of Greater Geelong (COGG)

The COGG funds the staffing, salaries, accommodation and general operations of TGGB. Council also funds the Business Events Unit with TGGB including specific marketing and development initiatives. Council also funds and supports accredited and non-accredited Visitor Information Centre’s that are supported by over 100 community volunteers.

–        Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine (TGGB)

TGGB Incorporated is funded from industry membership, sponsorship, industry buy-in, State and Federal grants and funding allocated by Municipal membership from the Borough of Queenscliffe and Golden Plains Shire.


Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine Inc. seeks to appoint a chairperson to lead its board, which is comprised of seven elected industry and skills-based representatives plus three municipal council delegates.

The role requires the time and commitment to:

  • Chair all general meetings including the annual general meeting and any special general meetings held during the term of office;
  • Manage Board business;
  • Performance assessment of operations in co‐operation with the Board and municipal partners;
  • Act as spokesperson for periodic reporting of the RTO’s performance and other matters as deemed appropriate;
  • Regularly review with senior officers of TGGB, the RTO’s progress on important initiatives and significant issues facing the organisation;
  • Participate in other committee meetings as applicable;
  • Assist in setting the strategic direction;
  • Assist in the formulation of key strategies; and
  • Performance monitoring of the Business Plan implementation including


  • Knowledge of corporate governance: the ability to facilitate the governance processes and ensure compliance with applicable laws;
  • Board and Chairperson experience: demonstrated experience in similar organisations or industry;
  • Lobbying and advocacy: prior experience in lobbying and advocacy activities for similar organisations or industry;
  • Industry knowledge: demonstrated knowledge of the region under Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine Inc;
  • Industry Experience: Demonstrated understanding and/or prior experience working within the visitor economy.


 Applications for this position close at 5.00pm Wednesday 2 February, 2022 and should be submitted to Brett Ince –Executive Director of Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine at

*Applications must include a covering letter addressing the key selection criteria plus an accompanying CV.

If you require further information regarding this position, please contact Brett Ince, Executive Director – Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine on 0409 414 008


Making an application for this position requires that you consent to the collection, use, storage and destruction of personal information, including details of your referees. This information will assist us to select the best applicant for the vacant position. 

At all times during the recruitment and selection process, personal data will be treated in a highly confidential manner. 

Documents will only be available to members of the selection committee for the purposes of selecting the best person for the position. 

All unsuccessful applicants’ documentation will be destroyed three months after the end of the recruitment process. 

Please do not send originals of documentation with your application, as they will be destroyed. In addition, the applicant understands that they may apply to Council for access and/or amendment of the information.