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Accessible Tourism

by | May 22, 2018 | Latest News

      Project Funding Announced

      We were thrilled with the announcement yesterday from Jaala Pulford (Minister for Regional Development) of $1.04 Million to increase the accessibility of Geelong and The Bellarine for visitors with a disability.

      The project will see one-on-one support for businesses to review their operations and provide practical advice and support to improve their service delivery for people with disabilities.

      We see this project as a really important step towards bringing accessible tourism from the periphery into the mainstream, so accessibility is something that’s considered across all businesses and all sectors, not as an afterthought.

      As well as the tailored support for some businesses, there will be workshops and guidance available more broadly for any businesses wanting to improve their accessibility.

      Accessible Tourism isn’t just a feelgood project. It makes great business sense too. 1 in 5 Australians live with a disability. They often have the propensity to travel midweek or off peak. If serviced appropriately, they will become loyal customers and staunch advocates.

      As work is undertaken to improve the provision of service, we’ll be able to market and position the region as a destination of choice for people with disabilities to enjoy choice of a great range of experiences, places to stay and venues to eat.

      We’re looking forward to working with the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations to undertake this important project and, more importantly, we’re looking forward to being a more inclusive and welcoming region.

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