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When discussing the ins and outs of your venue with potential clients it’s important to remember the do’s and don’ts when using grammar. Here are a few tips to help you become a grammar master.
1. It’s yes not yeah: Although yeah rolls quickly off the tongue, it’s a casual pronunciation of yes. When working with corporate clients it doesn’t pay to cut corners.

2. Is it a problem?: Ending a sentence with ‘not a problem’ or ‘no problem’ or even worse ‘no worries’ – they are my pet hates. Try contrasting ‘not a problem’ with ‘you are welcome’ or ‘my pleasure’ in response to ‘thank you’.

3. Taking the Um out of filler words: Using the word ‘um’ often confuses your clients that you’re not done talking yet and need to gather your thoughts. Try having some alternatives in mind, such as ‘another important consideration is’.
While it’s great to keep the Aussie pun alive, it’s also important to know that correct grammar is still a valued part of conversation in professional and corporate settings.

Mark Day – Convention Bureau Manager, Business Events Geelong