YouTube reports that mobile video consumption doubles every year. It’s no longer just cat and fail videos that are getting all the attention. Video on a landing page has been shown to increase conversion rates by 200-400%.

Video should be a major consideration for any marketing strategy. In fact, it’s not even a consideration anymore, it’s a fundamental requirement.

It’s because video is such a powerful way to communicate a story, message or feeling. It might be through carefully planned and directed footage, or just a raw mobile phone clip. Both have their place, and a lot of the time it’s the raw mobile phone clip that’s winning.

So, here’s a video about why videos are so important.


Video content builds trust with your audience:

  • Audiences want to be drawn to the human side of your business.
  • Showing off your personality in your ‘about us’ page is a great way to start.
  • Video content is a great way to encourage a trusting relationship with your audience.
  • This is an effective way for customers to get to know you and make them feel comfortable in approaching you.

Where should I publish my video content?


  • YouTube is an obvious place to publish your video content. It’s been dominating online video for many years, and once your videos are uploaded.
  • Youtube makes it very easy to embed your videos on your website. Hosting your video on YouTube rather than on your website not only saves your data usage on your web hosting plan, but their streaming functionality for different connection speeds makes it a no brainer versus users having to buffer whatever quality you have decided to upload (that’s what we have done above).
  • The real benefit on YouTube is that you can build a catalogue of content, that will continue to gather video views. See our channel here.


  • Facebook feeds are dominated by video.
  • Users engage with video content as much as ten times more than image content and that’s what Facebook wants.
  • If you’re promoting your posts through Facebook Ads, your cost per click drops when your post has high engagement.
  • Facebook Live Video is the new big thing that is totally under-utilised by Australian businesses. Facebook is trying to get this feature off the ground so is doing everything it can to ensure it pops up in your feeds.


  • The ten second video limit on Instagram was extended to one full minute quite a while ago.
  • In our experience many are not taking advantage of this yet, which leaves a great big opportunity for anyone willing to take it on.
  • There is great debate on the ‘ideal length’ of social media videos.
  • A lot of people say under 15 seconds. Keep in mind Instagram’s users are mostly mobile, and your video content should be appropriate for the platform. Stick to lighter, snappier, entertaining videos.
  • That being said, if your video can be entertaining for 60 seconds you should absolutely go for it.

Get filming

Don’t think you need to be the next award winning director. Don’t stress if you fumble your words. Just get it done and out there is my best advice. You can find great success in short unplanned videos. On average, 5% of viewers tend to stop watching a video after a minute, but 60% after two minutes. So for me anything under two minutes is ideal unless I was creating something really special.