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Properly conducted marketing campaigns are a special kind of wizardry: they are a perfect combination of balance and initiative, clever aggressiveness and smart limits. But, what happens when your advertising goes from cheeky pushy to just plain aggressive? Your sales drop and the image you’ve been building gets compromised. However, you still need your product out there and you still need to make a solid of ROI, so – you are kind of stuck. Catch 22, isn’t it? Well, since you are asking for advice, we’re here to offer it. Read through the tips below and get the best out of your product advertising methods.

Work with influencers
The world as we know it is all about the digital impact you make and for that reason social media influencers are your go-to for fruitful product promotion. With so many Instagram celebrities, Twitter influencers and Facebook specialists, it’s easier than ever to launch your product online and create a very popular buzz about it. So, depending on the line of business you are in, i.e. the type of product/service you are offering, contact the right influencers to help you out. The exchange is pretty straightforward: they endorse your product/service, you pay them to do so.
Although most of the Instagram influencers are focused on promoting beauty products, given that the market is expanding in the direction that it is, they’ve picked up public endorsing of a variety of other products such as office supplies, cleaning products, hotels, resorts, clothing brands, etc. If you, personally, aren’t sure which way to go, ask the youngsters – they’ll tell you who to go to.

Be witty
No one likes dull advertising so the key to promoting your product well and increasing your sales is to adopt a witty, intelligent and on-point approach to advertising. Work with experts who are primarily creatives and then business people; they’ll know what direction to take your product in and, without being in the audience’s faces all the time, get your product trending.

Well, you don’t have to meditate per se but rather tone down the pressure a little bit and get out of your own head. It’s understandable you are panicking if your company is your only source of income but, the more you panic, the worse results you’ll be getting. And that’s not the worst part: eager to sell as much product as possible, you’ll become aggressive, pushy and unpleasant, leading your (potential) clients to avoid you altogether. So, change your mindset from “I must do this now” to “I’ll do this, no matter what”. With the right attitude and a solid plan, you’ll be great.

Rely on promotional products
Although digital is what we currently live on, people still have a very positive reaction to promotional goodies they get. Plus – they’re free, so what’s not to like! Find the right partners to collaborate with based on your line of business. For example, if you are a beauty brand, give out your promotional products in a perfumery or a pharmacy; if you are a snack, advertise in markets; if you are a fashion brand, give away your promotional products in high-end boutiques, etc. You’ll see your sales skyrocket sooner than you’ve expected!

Make your prospect feel comfortable
No matter how eager you are to sell your product, don’t show it to your potential customer. The key to ACTUALLY selling is to make your prospect feel comfortable thinking about your product, using it, or talking to your product representatives. If you or your product representatives are feeling nervous and tense around your customers, the customers will pick up on it and won’t even bother giving your product a chance. However, if you use a little humor or a friendly attitude to get them in a better mood – they’ll instantly pick up on your pleasantness and listen to what you’ve got to say.

Focus on the customer, not your product
You’ve probably heard this more than once, but: the customer doesn’t care about your product, service or your company. They care about themselves. With that in mind, you have to be smart about your selling approach. Instead of talking about how great your company is, focus on why the clients should choose you and not the competition. Promote yourself by reminding the customer how great your product/service is for them, and what problems they solve by choosing you. When the customer feels like they are your firm’s center of the universe and KNOW they’ll be getting your full attention at all times – you are sorted.


Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, contributor to bizzmarkblog.com and entrepreneur. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to business.