Natural disasters can happen anywhere. Having the right insurance cover in these circumstances can make or break a business. This caravan park case study with Marnie Roderick-Shepherd, General Manager of Roderick Insurance Brokers, shows how.


Business is Booming
On the Sunday afternoon of a long weekend the park is full of campers when Steve and Sheryn hear a storm warning on the radio. A hailstorm with torrential rain and cyclonic wind is headed their way. They start to think about how they will entertain the campers if the storm hits them.

Disaster strikes!
When the storm hits it’s worse than anticipated. Dust and leaves are blowing everywhere , there are tree branches down, their reception area has water pouring through the roof, tents have been uprooted and the park becomes flooded within minutes. It was like a mini tornado had hit.

The park driveway is blocked by fallen trees, they’re knee deep in water and the underground communication, power and cabling pits are destroyed. Steve and Sheryn were also confronted with huge gumtrees laying over park cabins and ensuites. Metres of colourbond boundary fencing which had only been installed a few years prior lay twisted and smashed. Power heads, taps and fire reels lay squashed under fallen trees. Not one single tent was left standing. Caravan awnings are twisted and laying on the ground, personal possessions from the campers such as toiletries, kids toys and eskys are spread everywhere. The amount of devastation is overwhelming.

Plan of action
In shock, Steven and Sheryn didn’t know where to start. Luckily they have a great relationship with their insurance broker and were able to contact him on a Sunday afternoon. Keith Roderick, Managing Director at Roderick Insurance Brokers, talked them through what they needed to do to make the park safe and advised them he would organise the rest.

The very next day a loss assessor arrived for a walk around the park to assess the damage. The insurance cover Keith had arranged for the park when he set up the policy for them meant that Keith was able to organise for an immediate transfer of funds that were needed for urgent repairs and clean up. Keith arranged for further funds to be available for Steve and Sheryn so that they could pay all repair and replacement invoices promptly. Most important of all they were able to get their park back up and running within 3 days of the initial storm.

Lessons learned
Steve and Sheryn’s story of disaster striking is unfortunately not unique. What is fortunate is they had the right cover to get their business back trading quickly. Do you? If you are not sure then take us up on our special offer of a health check for your insurance portfolio. It could very well be the one move that saves your business one day.

Special Offer
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