As we move into the quieter seasons, there’s no better time to be thinking about packages and offers. Think about how to optimise your existing products, identify opportunities to package them in different ways, and explore collaboration with other operators to supercharge both businesses.

To support you in the development stage, the team has pulled together a blog with lots of great tips and resources on what makes a successful package, how to maximise value and the best ways to let your customers know.

It’s a great recap of a training session we ran earlier in the year, and should serve as a handy reference for the future.

Have a read here

Opportunities galore

We’re currently working on a number of marketing projects focused on short breaks and visiting friends & relatives – both are key markets to consider when planning your activity during the off-peak period. We’ll have some dedicated support for midweek visitation, and some of our digital activities will focus on moving potential visitors from inspiration to conversion – offers and packages will help drive that.

So, review the blog and put some thought into your package.

Sell your package

When you’ve got a package or offer you think is compelling enough to drive new customers (or bring back old ones) – let us know about it! We’re creating content that will feature offers from all across the region, for many different types of visitors.

On Visit Geelong Bellarine, we’ll hero the packages we think will move potential visitors toward booking. You just need to tell us (in a sentence) what’s included, and a link to where they can book. Send this to us by 31th May and we’ll start working the best ones into our content.

Another big opportunity for packages is through our digital partnership with Visit Victoria; taking advantage of their significant state and national audience to get quality products in front of potential visitors. There is a clear opportunity for Team Tourism members to be included in this activity, as long as the packages are up to scratch, and you can do it easily from your existing ATDW business listing.

Next steps

  1. Flesh out the details of your package and get it ready to sell on your website.
  2. Send us a one sentence description and booking link, so we can consider featuring it on visitgeelongbellarine.com.au.
  3. Add the package details to your ATDW listing, ensuring it can appear on visitvictoria.com and, if it’s good enough value, can be amplified across their platforms.

Remember, packages don’t need to be complicated or price-driven. But they do need some careful planning to avoid being cheap discounts or worthless add-ons. If you need to bounce ideas around, the Facebook group is a great space to connect with other members.

Good luck, and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help.

TGGB Marketing team
(03) 5223 2588