Tax disputes can be costly, time consuming, and stressful, even if the taxpayer is ultimately successful. When approached by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Harwood Andrews will always advise clients to engage with the ATO to either resolve or narrow the issues in dispute as quickly as possible.

The ATO has several mechanisms for early engagement, including:

  1. Pre-lodgement reviews
  2. Oral rulings
  3. Complex Issue Resolution requests
  4. Comfort letters
  5. Voluntary disclosures
  6. Private rulings

In Harwood Andrews Lawyers experience, early engagement with the ATO at the commencement (or before) a review or audit will deliver a preferable outcome for the taxpayer, regardless of the merits of a client’s case.

“If nothing else, early engagement usually mitigates the potential costs of a lengthy review, audit, or objection process by bringing matters to a head earlier then would be the case.”

The team at Harwood Andrews Lawyers have provided much information on each of these mechanisms which you can explore here.
The Harwood Andrews tax team specialises is in the early engagement with the ATO to resolve tax disputes.

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