Executive Director Update – Monday 9 November

The sun is shining, the grass is green and Victoria is one again!

Today we can finally welcome back all our mates from Metro Melbourne as the ring of steel is removed and all Victorians are now on the same restrictions. This is obviously a huge change for Melbournians, but there are only a few immediate updates from a regional perspective.
We’ve updated our Covid-19 Resource Centre, but here are a few key changes:

  • Melbourne’s 25km rule has been removed and the regional-metro border has come down
  • Cinemas, galleries, libraries, museums and other indoor experiences are open with 20 patrons per venue/space
  • Indoor skateparks, playcentres & trampolining centres are open to people aged 18 years and under with a maximum of 20 patrons

View the summary of statewide restrictions for the Third Step and Last Step of Victoria’s roadmap to reopening here…
If numbers remain low, Victoria will take the final step at 11:59pm on the 22nd of November. We’ll have lots more detail on what to expect soon, but here are some key changes to start planning for:

  • Indoor dining capacity will increase to 100 patrons per venue with a maximum group size of 20 people, 1 patron per 4m².
  • Outdoor dining will move to 200 patrons per venue with a total venue capacity of 300 people, 1 patron per 2m².
  • Indoor seated venues and tourism spaces like cinemas & theatres will open for a maximum of 100 people per space and up to 20 people in any group with a max 25% capacity.
  • Indoor non-seated venues and tourism spaces like museums and galleries will open for a maximum of 100 people per venue and up to 20 people in any group with a max 25% capacity.
  • Indoor skateparks, playcentres & trampolining centres will open for up to 50 people indoors, 1 patron per 4m².
  • Accommodation restricted to private gathering cap of 10 people from any number of households per booking.
  • Weddings will be allowed with up to 100 members of the public, 1 patron per 4m².

As Victoria reopens, everyone is excited about reconnecting with friends and loved ones across the state. Just this weekend our region was featured on 7 News Melbourne, highlighting the importance of Melbourne visitors, you can watch the replay here.

With restrictions easing and summer fast approaching, we’ll be rolling out marketing activity geared towards this valuable Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR) market. You can expect to see our region featured across a range of publications and platforms, and we encourage you to get involved too!

Lots of handy resources and details on how to take advantage of the campaign can be found on the Greater Than > Campaign Hub here…

It’s an exciting day for Team Tourism, and all Victorians!