It’s definitely not business as usual, and even though people may not be able to use your product or service right now, it’s important not to disappear!

Here’s our marketing top tips to keeping your content up-to-date, accurate, honest & useful.

Before sharing your message, think about this….

1. Is your content appropriate?
Make sure you’re considering the government instructions and public mindsets when writing a post on social or sending out emails. Our COVID-19 Resource Centre is updated regularly with relevant information.

2. Are you focusing on the positives?
If your business has adapted in new ways, explain it and share it!

3. Have you kept your audience up to date?
If you’ve changed your operating hours or started offering a new service, make sure you update this everywhere. Don’t forget:

  • Your website
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Third-party websites, like ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse)

They should all have the same messaging and information. Adding a temporary banner to the home page on your website is a simple way to direct people to the most up-to-date information. We’ve done this on our industry website.

4. Have you considered some FAQ’s?
This will clarify what you’re offering and a first stop for your audience.

Engage with your audience..

1. Can you offer virtual experiences?
We’ve seen some great examples of this already including live Yoga classes, live gigs & shows.

2.  Share memorable historic content
Here’s a funny throw back from Port Phillip Ferries. 

3. Stay true to your brand and voice
For some, that’s likely to be humour

For others, it might be sharing the people who work behind the scenes or how business has changed for you, maybe it’s your new working from home arrangements or, the new delivery service you want to highlight?

4. Use features like voting or quizzes to make things interactive
People are looking for ways to connect digitally, this is a great way to get them involved.

5. Keep building personality and relationships
Why not offer recipes, a virtual wine tasting or at home art classes? Your audience is in the same situation as you are, bring them along for the ride.

If you are running virtual events don’t forget to get them on to Visit Geelong & The Bellarine’s What’s On page through Australian Tourism Data Warehouse.

You can also list these on Events Geelong’s Virtual Events platform, here.