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Today TGGB & Central Geelong Marketing hosted ‘Time Hacks For Business Productivity’ training, hosted by Tim Davies @ Hyper Social. Everyone who attended walked away with some really valuable tips and tricks to maximize their time more efficiently.

If you missed out don’t worry, I have outlined my top 3 tips you can implement right now. I believe these will really make a difference to your day-to-day productivity. Also, below is a link to download the presentation and hyperlinks to all of the apps and websites Tim mentioned during his session.

1. Email Reminder Service – Follow Up Then

I loved this so much, I actually started using this simple little hack during the session!

Is your outlook calendar filled with reminders to follow up with people? How often have you looked at the same email sitting in your inbox that you kept there “just so you don’t forget”?

This handy little free service allows you to forward the email to FollowUpThen instead – just like magic the email will arrive back the moment you need it. Out of sight, out of mind.

How it works: An email pops into your inbox on Tuesday and you may not need the information or action this until Friday. All you need to do is forward the email to friday@followupthen.com and on Friday, sure enough, the email will pop back into your inbox. This trick works for all different time frames for example:
Time Intervals –  1hour@followupthen.com, 4weeks@followupthen.com
Days Of The Week –  Wednesday@followupthen.com, Sunday@followupthen.com
Unique Days of Month – LastDayOfMonth@followupthen.com, 2ndFri@followupthen.com

Imagine coming up with a good idea for work on a Sunday, forward the idea to Monday@followupthen.com and on Monday morning the idea will be waiting for you!

To get started all you have to do is send any email to 1hour@followupthen.com, confirm your email and time zone and you’re all set.

There are loads of ways this service can clear your inbox, your mind and your time. Let the experts tell you all about the benefits here.

2. Learn and Use Quick Keys

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you some serious time and these guides will help you learn what all the shortcuts are:

3. Session Buddy

Have you ever completed research for a business idea, competitor analysis or even planned a holiday and had 10 tabs open in your browser? I am guilty of this, big time! This session buddy will save all your open tabs as collections so you can quickly find and revisit again later.

Brilliant right? This little tool is simply a plug in to your browser and super easy to install, check it out here.

Hopefully you find some of these hacks as useful as I have.

Download Tim’s Presentation here – Time Management Hacks Presentation

Tim’s Tools – Links

  • Boomerang – Problem: You send an email to someone and want to know you received a reply, but don’t want to have to create a task to ‘follow up with X on Y’.
  • Followupthen – Problem: You want an email to come back to you at a certain day/time. Works for personal reminders too.
  • Asana – Problem: Convert emails into tasks to get them out of your inbox.
  • Event Note – helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • ToDoist – lets you keep track of everything in one place, so you can get it all done.
  • Safe In Cloud – Personal password manager
  • Last Pass – Also a password manager, ideal for the workplace 
  • Session Buddy – A unified session manager and bookmark manager
  • Down albumChrome plug in that allows you to download Facebook (Album & Video), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Ask.fm, Weibo Album. 
  • Loom – Easy and free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Great for explaining changes to graphic designers, web developers or other clients without confusion. 
  • Grammarly – Free writing app to make messages, documents, and posts clear, mistake-free, and effective. Just add the plug-in to chrome and spell check all your content. 

Don’t forget we run a full year of training sessions, see what’s coming up here.