Tourism Workforce Upskilling Program

We’ve done heaps of research, and as our four-year corporate plan indicates, we need to invest in the people within our industry.

Sure, our beaches and landscapes are beautiful, but the reason our industry thrives is because of the people that work in it. And while it’s hard to think about the future right now, that’s exactly what we need to do.

In partnership with The Gordon, we’re working on a training program designed to upskill your most valuable assets, the staff working on the frontline.

We see them as the face of tourism.

They deliver the experiences, service our visitors and leave a lasting impression. This program will help create opportunities for these employees to consider the tourism industry as a career, not just job!

To help us deliver the most relevant and successful program possible, we need your help by completing this 4 minute survey. 

Survey will close Tuesday 31 August.