As the official regional tourism industry body for Greater Geelong and The Bellarine, we wear many hats, so we thought we’d give everyone a quick refresher on all the ways we communicate digitally; from industry updates to visitor attractions.

These are just our direct channels, and doesn’t include all the fabulous media, events and marketing activity, or the wonderful work of our volunteers at Visitor Information Centres across the region.

FOR: Industry and Members

As Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine, we communicate via the tourismgeelongbellarine.com.au website, our Facebook page, our exclusive Facebook Members Group, LinkedIn and a range of emails.
Every week we round up tourism industry updates, regional news and handy tools that can help our members and the local industry stay informed and up to date.
We call this TWIT, This Week In Tourism.


FOR: Visitors and Locals

Meanwhile, visitors and local residents hear from us via a range of separate channels. These include the visitgeelongbellarine.com.au website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, and a dedicated monthly visitor email that goes out to our database of potential and returning visitors (plus lots of other interested readers). This audience is the focus of our Greater Than > campaign activity (and yours too).


FOR: Business Events

Business Events Geelong (Meet Geelong) is our regional convention bureau and are focused on attracting conferences and corporate events, and supporting the business events sector. They communicate via their businesseventsgeelong.com.au website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts and regular emails.



FOR: International Students

Finally, Study Geelong promotes and supports our region as a study destination with quality education providers. This also involves providing support and opportunities for our wonderful international students through mentorship and ambassador programs. They communicate via their studygeelong.com.au website, FacebookInstagram and regular emails.