Our marketing programs aim to drive inspiration, interest and information about Geelong and The Bellarine to potential visitors. We’ve been making plans for campaigns to support the COVID recovery for almost a year. We’ve hit pause, rewind, fast forward and play, many times over. Now, with the most recent lockdown finished and vaccines beginning to roll out, we’re feeling more optimistic than we have in a year.

Greater Than > The Sum of its Parts is a platform for us to share stories and showcase what the region has to offer. As the seasons transition, we’ll invest more resources into highlighting Geelong and The Bellarine to the people who are most likely to visit.

That will include more opportunities for tourism members to participate, for businesses to be featured and for operators to leverage the Greater Than creative. Revisit the Brand Hub for information and assets. Challenge yourself to apply some Greater Than wording to what you share on social. Some legends are already doing it!


Queenscliff Brewhouse & 18th Amendment 

There is some high level brand promotion already under way. We’re making sure our fresh videos are seen by potential visitors. We have content partnerships with digital publishers like Australian Traveller and Broadsheet to help us tell our stories to new audiences.

We know that the coming months will need more effort to attract visitors than summer did, so in a couple of weeks we’ll run an online seminar to help businesses with packages and positioning. It’s called Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse and it’ll be held on Wednesday 10 March. Register here.

This year we’ll also need to be innovative in our approach to Business Events, a significant portion of our market and especially important for the midweek, off-peak nature of their visits. The You Belong in Geelong campaign is providing incentives for organisers to place events in the region this year, sending a very clear message that Geelong and The Bellarine is open and ready to welcome Business Events groups.

To our industry operators who have been adapting and planning, please keep doing that. It’s so important to continue moving forward, together.

If you’ve got any questions about Greater >Than, get in touch with Tracy here and for You Belong in Geelong, contact Mark here.