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Capitalising on the Business Events sector

Business Events are worth $10.8 billion in direct expenditure to the Victorian economy, resulting in over 70,455 jobs.

We have a dedicated department – Business Events Geelong – working to ensure Geelong and The Bellarine is maximizing our slice of that market.

Business events are the highest yielding sector of the tourism industry. They have a higher average daily spend than leisure visitors. Importantly, many also participate in pre or post touring in the region or return as a leisure visitor at a later date to further explore.

Business Events Geelong focuses on four key strategic areas:

  • Marketing – growing awareness, promoting the services and positioning the region as a place to meet and discover beyond the boardroom.
  • Relationships – with both local industry suppliers and clients bringing business events to the region.
  • Industry Development – maintain good relationships with professional industry bodies and improve service standards of in-region industry.
  • Servicing – provide value-added services to clients hosting events in the region, and provide consistent links between client hosts and local service providers.

Business events have moved well beyond the provision of conference space. Organisers are looking to host memorable and unique events in destinations. We are working to provide links between those organisers and the experiences available in the region.

There are specific opportunities to reach the business events market for team tourism members. The activity schedule includes dedicated corporate publications, digital marketing activities, hosting familiarisation visits in the region and more. If you think your business could be a suitable product for Business Events Geelong to highlight, please get in touch.



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