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Traditional media provides huge value and opportunity for the region to be highlighted and showcased through a trusted source audiences are familiar with. Weekend papers, TV travel programs and other publications provide third party, authentic stories on the region to an audience that we earn through smart engagement and dedicated resources.

In fact, the estimated media value achieved for 2020 was…


Our Public Relations strategy follows the themes and niches identified in our content marketing strategy. We regularly pitch ideas, angles, events and story opportunities to targeted publications and producers. We organise visits, itineraries and experiences to form the basis of the articles they’ll publish.

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How your business can get plugged too!

Keep us up to date with news and developments so that we can best showcase our member businesses and the region. If you’re delivering unique experiences, high-quality products and have a real point of difference, we need to know so we can share that when we’re dealing with media.

Send any news or updates to marketing@tourismgeelongbellarine.com.au and we’ll take it from there.